Attractive double hemisphere map of the world (with two polar hemispheres above and below) was engraved by Bodenehr for a 1704 edition of 'Atlas Curieux oder neuer und compendieuser'. The most interesting feature is the depiction of California as an island, a misconception that was not fully cleared up until 1720. Easter Australia does not exists and awaits the voyages of Captain Cook almost three quarters of a century later.

Good original hand colour

Mint condition

code : M3692

Cartographer : BODENEHR Gabriel

Date : 1704

Size : 15*13.5 cms

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German engraver and mapmaker of Augsburg. Son of Johann Georg Bodenehr [1631-1704] & from a family dynasty of engravers and publishers.

His works include Atlas Curieux [1704] and Curioser Staats und Kriegs Theatrum [1715].

In 1717 the family took over the Augsburg publishing house of Stridbeck. Succeeded by his son Gabriel the younger.